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Proven to Pump

Ezi-action® Drumpumps are used to pump acids, alkaline and chlorine based cleaning chemicals, liquid foods, oils and lubricants and many crop chemicals including those chemicals that contain mild solvent.

Originally dispensing hygiene chemicals on New Zealand dairy farms,  Ezi-action® Drum Pumps are so versatile and reliable they are used around the world:


They will:

  • Ezi-action® Drumpumps for manual pumping from 200l drums and 25l containerspump agricultural chemicals
  • pump dairy hygiene chemicals
  • pump horticultural chemical
  • pump viticultural chemicals
  • pump animal nutrients
  • pump homeopathic animal treatments
  • pump plant nutrients
  • pump fertigation liquids
  • pump hydroponic chemicals
  • pump turf chemicals
  • pump land conservation (weed control) chemicals
  • pump arable cropping chemicals
  • pump liquid fertilisers
  • pump industrial chemicals
  • pump AdBlue
  • pump water treatment chemicals
  • pump cleaning chemicals
  • pump oil
  • pump lubricant
  • pump liquid foods
  • pump essential oils
  • pump hospital chemicals
  • pump laboratory chemicals
  • pump swimming and spa pool chemicals
  • pump aviation and military maintenance fluids
  • pump non solvent tyre dressings
  • pump non-solvent coatings
  • pump mining industry chemicals
  • pump line marking paints
  • pump textile industry chemicals
  • pump metallurgy chemicals
  • pump tannery chemicals
  • pump monomers
  • pump computer ink
  • pump sunscreen components
  • pump cosmetic components
  • pump deodorisers
  • pump analytical chemicals used in pathology and biotherapeutics
  • pump fluids used in critical manufacturing
  • pump liquids used in cleanrooms
  • pump disinfectant
  • pump amines used in liquid polymer glass manufacture
  • pump probiotics
  • pump water
  • pump additives for rubber manufacture
  • pump E-Juice
  • pump E-Liquid
  • pump propylene glycol
  • pump components for manufacturing medicine
  • pump oenological products
  • pump cement components
  • pump hardscape cleaners
  • pump truck and transportation cleaning products
  • pump restoration chemicals
  • pump new construction cleaners
  • pump HVAC air conditioning and refrigeration products
  • pump wiper fluid
  • pump liquid smoke
  • pump couplants ( including couplant gels)
  • and more.....


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