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Ezi-action® Safety Measure Adaptor
Adaptor and trigger

This unique Adaptor allows you to fit a trigger sprayer to the Ezi-Action® Safety Measure.

The double threaded Adaptor secures into the top of the Ezi-action® Safety Measure and into the trigger sprayer.

Ezi-action® Safety Measure with trigger sprayers are used in the cleaning and carwash industries.

We can supply Trigger Sprayers. Please talk to the team about sourcing these.

Consider the Benefits

  • Totally enclosed filling form a drum or container into a calibrated container.
  • Cap secured even when trigger sprayer fitted.
  • The contents are known because the label identifies the contents.
  • Dilution and decanting is easy using the patented calibrated graduations.
  • No splashing, no fumes.
  • Refilling is easy. Economic, safe and reliable. Value for money.
  • If you want to does a specific quantity of fluid you can fit your own dosing pump to the Ezi-action® Safety Measure using this Adaptor.


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