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Ezi-action® Non-Siphon Check Valve
Close up Non-Siphon Check Valve

Do you want to prevent accidental siphoning of your drum or IBC when a long tube is fitted?

The Ezi-action® Drumpump will siphon liquid from a full drum or IBC when a long hose is fitted and the source of the fluid is higher in elevation than the receptacle.

Unintentional siphoning can be controlled with an Ezi-action® Non-Siphon Check Valve inserted into your hose.

The Ezi-action® Non-Siphon Check Valve:

  • Permits air to enter the hose and effectively breaks the siphon.
  • Is constructed from polypropylene with a viton seal. 
  • Is provided with diagrammatic instructions for easy installation into your hose.

Installation is easy.

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