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NZ Pump - Brew Expo America 2018
12 January 2018
Craft Brewing 2016

NZ Pump Company Inc will be at Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo America April 30 - May 3 2018 in Nashville, USA.

USA made Ezi-action® Drumpumps are the hand drum pump of choice of craft brewers in the Americas. They are being used in Canada, USA, Mexico and across Latin America including Brazil.

Ezi-action® Drumpumps can be used as a caustic hand pump for cleaning the vats with caustic cleaners and as an acid barrel pump without changing anything about the pump. Dispensing of peracetic acid is safer with an Ezi-action® Drumpump and Ezi-action® Safety Measure.

Learn more about the features of Ezi-action® Drumpumps.

Learn more about the features of Ezi-action® Safety Measures.



Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo America 2017



"The visitors to our stand were very interested to learn how Ezi-action® Drumpumps can provide safer handling of cleaning chemicals," says Jim Maines, Vice President Sales. "They have quickly recognised the benefits of the enhanced safety features with the Ezi-action® Safety Measure to dispense peracetic acid and sanitisers."





Used around the World

Craft breweries around the world are using Ezi-action® Drumpumps to dispense their cleaning chemicals.

Learn more about their use in Asia, Australia, New Zealand.
Learn more about their use in UK, Europe.

Craft brewers are identified as breweries that make less than 6 million barrels of beer annually.
The craft beer business is the fastest-growing segment of the beer industry in the USA. National annual production rose 16% in 2016. The greatest increase is in the number of microbreweries.



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